How To make Your Commercials More Attractive?

Perhaps both you and me are tired of the commercials on television, they interrupt our excitement when we are enjoying an appeal movie or a TV program. But to creat such commercials, the marketers have to consider a lot for a full content and a atractive scene. It’s not easy and in fact, many commercials which are not impressive and bored were created.

In my opinion, there are two factors that make a clip to be liked: creative and containing emotions:

  • Creative: strange things are allways keep the audience’s attentions, the first impression are novelty and unique. No one wants to watch a clip with the style they have met before.
  • Containing emotions: why do people prefer movies than news or documentaries? The answer is “Emotions”, they make you smile, cry, cheer, and think! This fator also help the commercials being noticed from start to end.

To demonstrate my point, I will offer you many good video clips and I’m really sure that they contain both my fators:

1/ A Pantene’s commercial: like a short movie within dramatic and unexpected details about a deaf- mute girl. She passed all obstacles to reach her dream:

2/ Heineken’s commercial in 2011 was named “ Heineken The Entrance” featuring the song ‘The Golden Age’ by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour:

3/ ”Lizard Love story” this is a very romantic and tragic Thai commercial that became viral in youtube:



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